Winter Weather

15th October 2020

Winter is on its way……….

Heating Systems

As we enter the winter months, heating systems will be used more heavily. We recommend having your heating systems inspected and serviced by a suitably qualified heating engineer.  In doing this, it ensures the system is functioning safely and efficiently.

This is of particular importance for gas heating systems, where a Gas Safe Registered heating Engineer should be used, your engineers registration can be checked at

Gas Safety

In the event of a gas escape or activation of a carbon monoxide alarm caused by a faulty gas /fuel burning appliance, the following advice should be followed:

The following symptoms can be attributed to carbon monoxide poisoning, Nausea, Light-headedness, Headaches, Shortness of breath, Dizziness, Sleepiness.

Water Systems

Escape of water forms a significant proportion of common block insurance claims; this is more prevalent more during winter months.

During this period, help reduce the risk by ensuring heating systems are set to provide a level of background heat, or their frost protection set.

If your property is going to be empty for a prolonged period of time, then additional measures would be advisable, including turn off the mains water at the stop cock, arrange for pipe work or storage tanks to be drained down, including any heating system and also advising a neighbour or CWL of how to contact you in an emergency.

Fire Safety

Following a number of recent tragic fires, the Scottish Government in February 2019 introduced new measures to improve fire safety in all Scottish homes. All homes in Scotland should have a smoke alarm system which achieves the following requirements, by February 2021:

Where a home does not meet these requirements, action could be enforced by your Local Authority, as your home fails to meet the Tolerable Standard as defined by the Housing (Scotland) Act 1987.  This new requirement is designed to protect life, CWL would recommend checking your current smoke detector provision and where required arranging upgrades.

Where a property is marketed for sale, the RICS Home Report is expected to highlight properties where the alarm requirement has not been met, it is also anticipated that insurers will look to establish compliance with this requirement, during policy renewals.

If you are considering upgrades, CRB Electrical one of CWLs regular contractors, is happy to provide advice and upgrade estimates, CRB Electrical can be contacted on 07792343297

Latest Update :

The regulations were due to come into force in February 2021, however, in light of difficulties caused by COVID-19, Scottish Parliament has delayed the implementation of this legislation for a period of 12 months to February 2022. However, installing alarms at the earliest opportunity, will provide improved fire safety in your home.





Coronavirus update: Contractors

9th April 2020

Coronavirus Update: Contractors 

While coronavirus remains a very serious threat to us all including those who provide maintenance and repair services on our behalf and of our clients, we have today issued to all our contractors the following guidance note.   The purpose of the CWL guidelines is twofold:

1) to provide a framework for safe working in light of Covid 19

2) to facilitate as much essential maintenance and repair works to continue during this time as     is        practical to do so.

Covid:19 – CWL Guidelines for Contractors

In providing service to CWL the contractor agrees to:

A routine and ongoing review of his business and service operation operations in light of government guidelines as updated, including:

prioritising the health of all operatives and indirectly the health of their families from the threat of Covid 19

any operatives showing symptoms of Covid 19 to immediately self-isolate for a minimum of 7 days

notify CWL immediately if an operative is confirmed as having tested positive for or being treated for Covid-19

non-essential trips to be postponed, taking circumstances into consideration

Risk assess the practicalities to provide and undertake a service on behalf of CWL whether routine or adhoc and notify CWL immediately if the service cannot be practically provided either in part or in full

If as a result of the risk assessment the contractor considers the service can only be provided in part, make immediate recommendation to CWL how the service can be delivered in part and at what cost – await further instruction.

Basic risk assessment to include (but not confined to) ALL of the following:

practical risk assessment for each instruction to deliver a service to CWL whether  routine or adhoc works

social distancing at all times

no more than one operative allocated to each vehicle

relevant equipment and tools allocated to each operative

in exceptional circumstances where tools or equipment require to be used by another operative, the contact areas are fully rubbed down and sanitised before further use

operatives to wear suitable PPE at all times

Coronavirus update: Lifts 27.03.20

27th March 2020

Coronavirus Update: Lifts


We bring to your attention some important news associated with the safe use of passenger lifts and other type of lifts in developments managed by Charles White Ltd.  We have been in dialogue with and receiving updates from lift companies who in the main are now providing us with the following key information in light of the coronavirus situation:


Spam email alert

26th March 2020


It has been brought to our attention that some Clients have today received an email that by all intents and purposes purports to be from Charles White Ltd.  The email asks for personal details such as name, address, date of birth, client account number, username and password and bank details.

Please be aware that this communication has NOT been issued by Charles White Ltd and under no circumstances should you respond to it.

Please delete the email immediately should you receive one.

Coronavirus update 24.03.20

24th March 2020

Coronavirus Response: CWL Update  24.03.20

As you will appreciate these are unprecedented times and on the basis of direction from government, from Tuesday 24th March 2020 CWL confirm with heavy hearts the immediate suspension of all but routine M&E safety checks and delivery of emergency and essential services to our developments.  In cases of emergency both within and out with normal offices hours we ask that our clients in Scotland call us on 0131 447 8191 and for our clients in Northern Ireland it is 02895 609995.  For all other queries we ask that you contact your CWL Client Relationship Manager (CRM) in the first instance whose details along with other very helpful information you will find on the CWL client portal or app.  Go to and register for access to our client portal and app.  CRM contact details can also be found on our website by hovering over the image, downloading the virtual business card and clicking on the link.

If routine gardening and/or cleaning services are provided to your development such service provision is on the basis of an annual contract ie a charge for one year.  We trust you are supportive and fully understanding of our decision to temporarily suspend these services and as we continue to meet payment commitment of the ongoing contract on your behalf, we have an undertaking from the gardening and cleaning contractors to make up in their own time the additional work they will have to complete at your development when normal services resume.  We will shortly be starting the growing season and under current exceptional circumstances we will all need to accept our gardens and common areas will not for the foreseeable future be maintained as we would prefer.  We are grateful to you for your understanding in such circumstances.

We will continue to issue documentation and accounts as much as we are able over the coming period, including where applicable insurance renewal documentation for your attention and settlement of account.

From the experience currently shared by the CWL team, our suppliers and contractors and in speaking with our clients, the underlying sentiment shining through is we are all in this together and together we will work through the challenges presented by this terrible virus.



Coronavirus Contingency Planning

18th March 2020

Charles White Ltd

Coronavirus Contingency Planning


In light of the unprecedented and ever evolving global impact of Covid-19, I would like to share with you some measures Charles White Ltd is taking to ensure we operate appropriately and effectively in the challenging weeks ahead.  Our aim is to continue to offer you as high a level of service as we can while at the same time protecting the health and well-being of the CWL team, their families and the suppliers and contractors who provide such a valuable service.  Many of our contractors are small businesses and we anticipate pressure on these businesses over the coming months if they do not get a regular and routine supply of work.  We will endeavour to support them with continued business on your behalf as much as we are able.

Since the outset of coronavirus, we have endeavoured to follow guidelines provided by the government and their agencies such as the NHS.  The Government believes the epidemic is now entering the rapid growth and they have set unprecedented measures and guidelines for the foreseeable future.  In response CWL are taking the following steps:

We will continue to monitor events as they evolve so that we can best serve you and also do our bit to help get us all through this challenging time.  We empathise with our clients, team, contractors and the wider population particularly during this time and please do not hesitate to speak with us if you encounter financial challenges in your own circumstances.

Please contact your Client Relationship Manager in the first instance if you have any concerns.

Poppyscotland volunteering day

10th January 2019

In October 2018 several staff had the opportunity to volunteer help set up, assist with public planting and of course collecting at the Poppyscotland Field and Garden of Remembrance and in stores around Edinburgh in what was such a poignant year.

Over £23,000 was raised in and around Edinburgh this year.

The Field, Garden and the Tree of Thanks looked amazing and the interest received from the general public was well received.  When you see a “sea of crosses” that in itself is a poignant reminder, but when you plant each one and read the individual messages, it is both heart breaking and humbling.  Thank you to Poppyscotland and all your amazing staff for a wonderful day and the opportunity to participate in this truly worthwhile event.